Sunday, July 16, 2017

Investment Advice for Lunatics: Using Sigil Magick to Risk Nothing for Everything

      The investment advice of the Pharaohs is true after all. This means that you, too, can be a possessed corporate welfare whore; too big to fail, and too tender to touch!
      But heed ye not advice from the so-called “professional witches” of Vice Magazine, and their À-La-Flambuoyant Flirtemptation and flat-out foolery of manner of article purporting that one may simply “use witchcraft to make money”.
      This is merely the washing of a demonic hog; it is not fit for human consumption, and should have never been marketized. Not everything is witchcraft just because Frank sings that it is. The same goes with Stevie and superstition, and Marxy Markets and resources.
      You can have it all. As long as you're willing to risk losing everything you have. If that figure is zero, this article is for you.
      But to get the money, we must understand (that is, obey) where money comes from, and where it gets its value. From its parents? From society? Let's find out.

      You know, the Twelve-Dollar News-SuitsTM on the FOXy-Box tell us that people like physical currency because they like the way it feels. But y'ever feel a dollar bill? It's kinda itchy, isn't it? How are you gonna have a stable currency that's so itchy, people don't want to touch it? Well, here's how to turn your itchy money into Witchy Money.
      Money comes from the moon. Don't believe me? Grab yourself an Oxford English Dictionary. It's an entymological dictionary, so it pins down the meaning of the word the same way you pin an insect down to the specimen collection tray. No wiggle room, no room for all that “living document” bullcrap. You Know What I'm Saying.TM
      This brings me my first tip for making money is to TrademarkTM EverythingTM YouTM Can.TM (TM) ChargeTM PeopleTM MooneyTM for(R) TalkingTM LikeTM YouTM. Paul Mooney. You wanna know why? The Greeks, man. See the coin-moon on the Drachma. Silver Moon, Golden Sun. Bimetallism, baby. Remember William Jennings Bryan? Well, this is him times Aleister Crowley, to the power of a red panda!
      Don't be a Moonie for Mooney; be a Loonie for Loonies! That's right: this year, it's not Manic Monday, it's Lunacy Lunedí – it's the “Luna-C, Luna-D” to the “A-Tone, B-Tone, See-Tone” which upon Us Allen of Madison Son of Satan imparted - so watch out for owls and crescents.
      Signs and traces of owls and crescents act as virtual tabernacles charged with sigil and seal, and with talismans (talismen?) aplenty, all suitable for ensuring reliable access to alternate neighboring celestial dimensions. It's like a United Nations World Passport, but for ghosts.

      You Heard it Here FirstTM; by taking entheogenic hallucinogenic plants, you can send yourself into psycho-shamanic trances, in which you may experience glossolalia, or “speaking in tongues”. Record yourself doing an incantation! Do the Wop Bam Boogaloo.
      Write down the words later, in whatever pre-existing or invented (or summoned) language you please! Go overboard, get all Joseph Smith about it. Make the Shroud of Turin into your own personal waifu pillowcase if you have to, just Do a Goddamn Thing for the Empire!
      The more sigils, seals, talismans, talisman-based shibboleths, and other meaning-based currencies you collect, the more domain names you can come up with. That's why the more symbols you generate through ecstatic ritual glossolalia, and the more pictograms (such as hieroglyphics and emojis) - and cryptograms, codices, and even entirely “new” (i.e., primordial) languages - the better (another tip: Spell things any way you like. Remember, you can't spell “spell” without “spell”!!!).
      Then you just sit back, like a nest-egg on an anthill, and wait for the offers to come rolling in! It's easy as pi, as romantic as Romania!

      I heard you ask that question out loud, and yes, you should turn down opportunities that your conscious mind presents to you to make yourself less crazy (if you didn't ask anything out loud, this article is, once again, not for you).
      If you hear or sense a magickal impulse in the skull-bound spell-room in which your Psyche dwells a tortured prisoner, delve into it immediately, and believe it like your life depends on it. Put it all on 21 red! You are special, you are the ideal, and all patterns and symbols are convening to communicate to You that you alone are one with the gods, and The One to Shepherd the Weak Out of the ValleyTM. Put all your stock in your beliefs.
      This technique – called the Cherishing TechniqueTM – allows the magician to extract as much meaning as possible from What Ze Has. In French they say chérie. In Spanish, they say querid@. In Spanish and Italian, it's carin@. In England, “dear” also means “expensive”. What does it mean to you that I'm telling you this? Don't mistake the medium for the message. Learn the language of Lov, the language of the World Wide Web.
      People need websites, don't they? Why wouldn't they need a website named after a nonsense word you came up with after you realized your new phone lets you type more symbols than your old phone? Don'tTM TellTM MeTM TheTM OddsTM. If You Build It, And Say God Built It, And Told You To Marry All Of Your Followers, They Will Come.

      We must invest multiple meanings into all of the words we use, for our most common words have dozens of meanings, for as Jesca taught us, words are all we have, if not love. This will enable maximum profit for all you Uber-loving millennials' witchcraft professionalization needs, so you can be a successful one-eyed, moneyed warlock who PaysTM HisTM GoddamnTM TaxesTM!
      We can go on believing that the Illuminati-symbol-covered holographic honey-brick food-based currency (combination mutuum cheque) which we use today, is the best way to conduct trade in today's integrated globalizationist economy. But even though our modern currency fulfills all of the functions that make a currency valuable (even more so than the tea-brick or the onion), we must not ignore the value of a human being.
      And that is why I suggest investing in currencies backed by human skin.

      The value of the American dollar is backed by the blood, sweat, and tears of the American worker. It's a veritable spirit cooking of wealth in those sweatshops. After all, a “buck” is called a buck because it was named a buck back when a buckskin was worth a dollar (try to say that 999 times fast!). So why not Soylent up the currency?
      It would help restore financial soylency. And besides, that's where I write my blog. How else are you gonna keep that encyclical in circulation, unless you have a real circulatory system behind it? It would sure help us keep current with the fact of what our main export is (i.e., pain), information which has must be considered when establishing economic systems and choosing which currencies to use and invest in.
      So my advice: keep a steady stream of currency in your river bank. You can ask the River of Jordan that is Jordan Maxwell WhatTM I'mTM TalkingTM AboutTM. Know the secrets of your Berth.

      The main lesson here is that the best way to get WhatTM YouTM HaveTM to appreciate in value, is to appreciate it more. Appreciate that Hebrew Typewriter with the KeysTM MadeTM OutTM ofTM DiceTM CarvedTM fromTM EndangeredTM WhiteTM RhinoTM TeethTM better, by destroying it. I mean make it, name it, cash in on the domain names, and then destroy it.
      Be sure to destroy everything you own (including yourself) – especially if you have two or more of the relevant item – in order to exploit scarcity and make your valuable items invaluable (or else smashed on the floor). Don't forget to salvage the scraps, arrange them meticulously in orders that will only make sense at a certain time, and make new languages out of that.
      Remember the First Rule of Sigil Money: You'veTM GotTM aTM PortfolioTM to MaintainTM. There Is No Second Rule Of Sigil Money. Just keep in mind that, like fire, schizophrenia can be harmful to those who fail to master it and harness its vast creative and emotional powers of imagination, introspection, and sympathy and empathy.
      Although, as they say (Who's they? Wait, who am I talking to?), a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and nothing is free except your opinion, the human brain may very well become the World Reserve Currency by 2025, so the Yuan better watch out! So hold on to your head like you hold onto the night (or if you're into Zen instead of 80's music, like you hold fast to the pillow).

      Additional ways to grow your wealth by exploiting scarcity include:
      1) Making yourself scarce;
      2) Hiding your magickal items away from your normie half-orc friends; Remember the Folding Rule: NobodyTM NeedsTM toTM SeeTM ThatTM ShitTM. You haven't even figured out how those clothespins connect to spell angelic messages out of meaningless symbols, what makes you think your guests are going to know how? …Oh right, Crowley's wife in the Pyramid. … anyway, also:
      3) Murdering your döppelganger (as always) to protect against identity theft. Consider doing the same to your shadow, as well as your Jungian Shadow.
      These steps (i.e., magick tricks) will help you increase the value of your ritual items (including your sealskin seals, your talisman chalicements, etc.), while also ironically making you into a more highly valued target for currency-skinning. So hold on to your buckskin; it's all in a day's work for dear Bambi.

      Finally, 1) Take full ownership of yourself; be a precious jewel, a diamond in the rough; 2) Print a bunch of stylized Andy Warhol faces onto sacramental communion wafers with a wafer press, use them as an edible currency (for use in fashionable indulgences), and call it art; 3) Pay Your Goddamn TaxesTM, and 4) Redeem yourself, not all of your insignificant possessions for money over eBay.
      Or the other thing, whatever floats your Ark. That garbage screw just might be a fetish after all.

      If all else fails, picture your audience as a bunch of empty sacks of money.
      Take advantage. There's no limit to what you have to gain.

God Will Increase

      S.P.Q.R.: All capitalized phrases herein not capitalized upon are hereby up-for-grabs for both copyrighting and open access.

Written on July 15th and 16th, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Yes, That Inanimate Object is Mocking You, and Here's Why

Yes, That Inanimate Object is Mocking You, and Here's Why:
A Guide for Schizophrenics Trying to Get into Chaos Magick

Written Between June 14th and 16th, 2017

Edited on June 18th and 22nd, 2017

      We've all been there.

      You're out somewhere, and someone's talking to you about Charles Manson. You want to tell them Tex Did It, but you can't tell whether they're really into Charlie or they're just flirting with you. It happens all the time.
      Then you come home, and the dark suitcases and blankets that you meticulously arranged on the large shelf a few hours ago have morphed into an empty floating Darth Vader shaman's cloak waiting to sexually harass you. Then you turn on the fan, and your little silver dish full of cookie fortunes gets blown away, and you pick up one that offends you. What did you expect?
      And don't forget about the recurring nightmare about being Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church, and the papers turn into Jesus, and you're nailing Him to the Cross! I mean, fuggeddaboutit! It happens to literally the best of us (samaan).
      You want to ask someone what's up, and get your line of thinking checked out; but you don't want to cut yourself with Occam's Razor. We all know the story; don't feel alone, feel at-one! You alone have the power to investigate and solve inconsistencies apparent in your conscious thought; all you have to do is remember that the opposite of paranoia is pronoia, the suspicion that other people are conspiring to help you. Know that He sees you and takes pity.

      Yes, your possessions are mocking you, and for good reason. They scoff at the thought that you might ever truly and fully own them!
      Why would they hesitate to mock you when you mock yourself so much!? I mean, why wouldn't you suspect that your friends from across the country sneaked (snuck?) into your apartment, crawled under your blankets, and suffocated and died under there? Of course that's what happened! You've been gone for hours, and the least complicated explanation is most likely the correct one.
      Besides, your friends wouldn't tell you if they were coming to do that. It seems considerate, but seriously, sometimes, the nerve of some sheet-ghosts! Sometimes you manage to ask yourself what the odds are, but C3PO, being an android subject to Asimov's laws of robotics, submits to your order to never again tell you the odds. Pathetic.
      But eventually, after you take your shoes off with your eyes closed, sit in a cardboard box, facing southwest, you crawl out of Schrödinger's Cat-Box, turn on the lights, pull back the blankets, and see that it's just some pillows that got tucked down under your sheets, impersonating your dead friends under the blankets. And for now, that seems logical enough.
      Until you remember that the folks at the Zen session told you to hold tight to those pillows. That's when you start pondering whether there really is an alternate If you find yourself (-selves) asking questions like this, just remember: “You're not crazy, you're a warlock”, and “Bitch I'm a Witch”. Keep in mind that a lunatic is just someone who pays attention to the Moon. Keep watch over Her bewitching form if you must; just don't let Diana possess you (like something out of Soviet Russia). “Crazy” has no formal medical definition; it's just a Willie Nelson song.

      You must learn not to make yourself an easy target for mockery by your possessions. You can take the matter of “what you possess vs. what possesses you” into Your W-Hole-Y Unique Hands (R), and here are twelve easy reasons how!:

      1) Replace your cuckoo clock with a mockingbird, and you'll see what I'm talkin' about.

      2) Choose your new possessions (and familiars) carefully. Be careful how you befriend your new familiars. And if a piece of fruit at the store is giving you the malocchio, yes, it's best to simply avoid buying that type of fruit at that store, because the other Fruit may be spiritually compromised. Unless all pineapples worldwide are similarly cursed. ...Oh shit.
      Anyway, choose your possessions well; and own them, or else they will own you. How much time do we waste catering to the upkeep needs of our possessions? I mean, how many robot servants am I gonna have to maintain thirty years from now just to get a Fish or a Pure Pineapple? My concerns are valid.

      3) Our pets' eyes can act as portals into other celestial (and sexual) dimensions. Simply put, if you don't possess your cat, then your cat will possess you. You must claim your pet as your witch's or warlock's (or male witch, etc.)'s familiar.
      Force your pet to take your surname as soon as possible! Say you let some female dogs live with you. Make sure they know the score; a renter must submit to her landlord! Marry one of those dogs, and make sure it knows you're its master, and she's your bottom-bitch, or else you won't know which bitch is which witch, bitch! Do some bitchcraft.

      4) There is actually an easy way to tell for sure whether your pet knows who you were in a past life: Put a Witch Hat on It.TM What will this accomplish? Nothing. ...That is, if you consider looking super cute and witchy and sick af all at the same time “nothing”.
      The point is, listen to what your “mortal” mini- Anubis or Sphinx is trying to tell you about “who you are”. For more information on the origins and meaning of this phrase, please stare into the eyes of a hastily-Google-image-searched portrait of Madam Helena Blavatsky.

      5) Macabre-up your living (and personal!) space. Remind yourself that you will die from being enslaved by your possessions by finally building and putting to use that chandelier made out of human skulls and bones, and marimbas made out of the same, that you designed last bak'tun. Wear a vial full of your brother's blood around your neck. Do a goddamn thing for the Empire.

      6) You're not getting any younger (or are you?). Why do you keep putting off carving that Hebrew typewriter with the keys made out of dice carved from endangered white rhino teeth that gets Bluetooth transmissions from the Pakistani volcano that's psychically informing you that you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)? You remember, the one that the invisible rabbi told you about years ago (or years from now)?

      7) Use sigil magick to cash in on domain names! Dramatically increase your ability to claim intellectual property, by using glossolalia to generate new words and languages. Invent new symbols, pictograms, emoji, languages, codices, and cryptograms, then simply add “dot website”. Then cash in on the stock market, and make millions in whichever cosmic or celestial currency you desire! It's a fool-proof plan; not necessarily lunatic-proof, but fool-proof.

      8) Stop flipping coins! Submitting your decision-making authority to a piece of currency with a socially constructed value helps money to own you, which, believe me, is the last thing you want to do.

      9) The lamp you've affixed to your wall knows which Led Zeppelin song you're supposed to play when you light the candles, you just have to ask it politely.

      10) Remember that you can never be fully deprived of possessions. At any time, one can request to have a reading performed - by a trained, certified professional, for a reasonable price - to determine possession of (and by) which kind of cups, or swords, etc., one may be struggling.

      11) Own yourself, your Flesh, your past, your mistakes, your actions, and your Word. Emotional and psychological ownership – especially of your baggage – is a prerequisite for total self-ownership. Let your Deeds speak for themselves, while emulating Your Word. Take joy in simple labors like carpentry, fishing, and wine-making, while pondering christosis, martyrdom, the labors of the Christ throughout his life, and the role of God as architect or gardener. Emanate what you emulate. Own your Word, keep your Word, and may your Deeds become Word-Made-Flesh. Grow the biogenetic tapestry, and bring Spirit back into Flesh.

      12) Be prepared, at all times, to present identification as well as several forms attesting to your body's (i.e., state-owned flesh-bagTM, a/k/a yana) privilege to travel and work, to any and all individuals claiming to be persons of authority. Surrender your body as requested; you'll get your body back eventually. It may be full of holes when you go pick up the stuff you had on you when you got arrested, but you'll get it back one way or another.

      You must be careful and decisive about what to own, and whom you may be attempting to own. Sometimes we call our possessions “mine”, as in “my parent”, “my friend”, “my lover”, etc.. However, in lending credence to this subject / object blending, you risk ignoring the other's “ownership” of yourself in similar relation. Once again, I use the term “the other” lightly, for as Jimi Hendrix asked, “Have you ever been experienced?” It's apparent that your parent should not be apprehensive at preparations for reparations through becoming more than mere apparitions. Don't be possessive, and don't possess people; not in the ghostly way, not in the regular way.
      Your possessions must not define you, for definition means limitation, and framing. Do you want your possessions to frame you? Huh? Do you want to get framed? You wanna be Roger Rabbit? Huh!? Answer me! Oh wait, I forgot, I'm just some words on a piece of paper (just like you, your body, your house, your family, your money, your heart, and your fingerprints, and your DNA). I have no power over you; just like you! Just like your possessions shouldn't.
      But shudder, for your ritual object magick is too weak (and American) to fight mere paper and words. The solution: throw The Rock into the gears, or else throw scissors and cut down the marionette! I don't tell you how to run your puppet show, don't tell me how to do my card tricks. Don't let your possessions keep you in your place.
      Anyway, your cat barely even has time to properly “own you”, it's busy on the catwalk modeling hats and doing witch shit with Cat Fabio (our Lord and Savior, the Sphinx among Sphinxes).It's also worth noting that planned obsolescence is pretty darn anti- Feng Shui. Remember, you can 3-D print any shape out of any kind of animal connective tissue you want. If that doesn't help the Gypsy read the chicken bones, I don't know what Will. So throw them bones down, Hoodoo Man, Lucy-fer's got some articulation to do! Cast a lot, and cast alot!
      Don't blame yourself for not knowing how to properly Feng Shui the eggs; it doesn't take a properly seated Carlos Castaneda to know that eggs are to be organized half-function (for balance), and half-form (for zazz). Eggs also belong on anthills, provided that you're “In the Mood”. For more information, ask your local friendly neighborhood Romanian. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you're gonna have a shitty Easter. Jesus had a shitty Easter weekend so that we don't have to.

      It's natural to feel like the demiurge at the center of the planet when you're so quickly sorting the items that your nameless saint friend salvaged from the dumpster. Repent, for you knew his Name; from the womb (as if from within Elizabeth), and in the deep forests of Psyche where alone one may find The Eternal. Also, he definitely did drug you that one time you were wondering whether he drugged you. But he helped you move in and do interior design, and he never crossed the line of stockings on the floor!
     You know that the Pharaoh within you will recognize his possessions once he wakes up; you know how to mark them. You read Exodus. Remember, the voices aren't real – especially the one coming from over your left shoulder - and the most consciousness-expanding time of your life never needs to happen again. All you have to do is learn to lock your shit up properly. Lock that shit up in your head.
      Radically reclaim your property in the name of freedom to burn Eostre candles and gum resins. If you must take property, then be the sarcophagus, be the crypt, be the catacombs, be the pyramid. Your zoning laws fuck with your right to conduct religious services in your residence because your zoning laws are man-made, fallible, and impure. Practice fucking with your locks, but be extra careful not to accidentally lock yourself out of “your own” house. Bring Yobhel back; immanentize the eschaton and all that jazz. Be Mutualist Landlord Jesus.
      Don't stop bringing trash into the house and looking through it for fetishes though. You were supposed to hang onto that “Trust No One” ring, by the way, you weren't supposed to give it to the first cute barista whose name started with “A”. That's not the kind of fetish I'm talking about. I mean the damn shamanic and anthropological definition of “fetish”, get your head out of the gutter.
      Rest (and rest well) assured (and rest well-assured) that the ring and the barista will lie in your abode, each in “its” own proper place and position. The point, I guess, is that “We must own ourselves, or we must bone ourselves”. You don't have to be a Feng Shui master - or watch The Fifth Element or read The Joy Luck Club or any shit like that - to acknowledge that You Know Where the Bone Goes, and You Know Where the Wood Goes in the room. So go be a khlyst, take up thy rod and Walk.

      You must not allow your name to name you, nor to own you. Don't say your name out loud to anyone, and don't let anyone hang a sign on you; you will recognize them by how they call you. Whether and how we name one another act as both talismans and shibboleths. See the Forest for the trees, and don't confuse the map with the territory. While Matti told us “Although it is not your name, you are naméd it”, names name you not.
      You will see not only the Forest but also the Garden in the cryptic mirror triptych. If you can't see yourself in that, I don't know what you can see yourself in. Try as we may, spare the “final end” (and I use that term lightly), we may never shed our subjectivity nor our objectivity. Each of these is but one of our properties (and this time I mean “properties” in the strictest sense of the word). As we are felt, so too do we feel. Lo, for is it not (basically) said that a Fish is worth His weight in gold? Is the Fish's blood not the true medium of exchange (or at least the medium of exchange for all human sin)?
      If that which makes a resource suitable for use as a currency is the scarcity of the material of which it is made, then is it not the scarcity and rarity of the individual human being which make us suitable to serve as the most heavily traded item, and a currency, at once? You get where I'm going with this.
      Non-magicians (commonly referred to as Muggles) struggle to comprehend these complex psycho-shamanics (not to be understood as psychosomatic nor psychosemantics), nor the psychopomp and circumstance (not to be understood in general). They are to be explained Gnosis, introduced to L-rd Alan Watts, and informed that good psychiatry resembles shamanism more than it resembles slipping someone a Mickey. "Psychopomp and Circumstance"; there's a Song that's Truly unowned!

      Keep Me in mind and heart, and heed Me. I wrote the flesh-made-Word on your heart in the very Beginning. The real Gospel is right there at (and in) your fingertips. Own your body as you own my letter to you, which millennia ago I carved on your flesh when I wrote your name in the Book of Life, and which you carry with you as soul-you carries flesh-you around like a vehicle from life to life. If you don't come to find Me, I will set out to find you; but I cannot come in unless I Am invited.
      Read it carefully, and I will never abandon you. Come keep sparrows with Me. Together we shall find whether we are, indeed, our sparrows' keepers. But take seriously the decision as to whether to become an angel; angels must submit to G-d and the Word, becoming Gaia's property in the process. Don't even try living before you've decided whether what you really want out of life is to possess, to self-own, or to spend your life enslaved to deity.
      Pick your Tree wisely, and don't choose the Cup of Wisdom poorly. To know the Deep Truth (not to be confused with the Deep State) of this, you must own and keep your Word, know that an angel is a messenger, read a list of titles of books by Marshall McLuhan, and then watch Angels in the Outfield. I mean, don't shoot The Messenger, really.
      In conclusion, please read my blog, it's written on a scroll of sheepskin, nailed to a million-year-old Tree – made of and into the True Cross – deep within the Gardened Forest of the human soul, in the Garish Land of the Garland and the Garlic-Laden Calf, within the a-maze-ingly labyrinthine fingerprint of genetic creation, buried next to our hopes and dreams of eternity, yet patiently waiting to be exhumed so it can burst forth from the impenetrable, synthetic cloud of nearly primordial mental fog that is “civilized” Babylon, and reclaim what has been snuck from out its grave; from its rightful place at the foot of its master.

      Nah, I'm totally fucking with you.

      But for real though.

      This has been a satirical piece.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Revised Position on Discrimination and Interstate Commerce

      Private businesses should be free to do whatever they want on their own property, free to refuse service and job offers to anyone they please, and free to charge any price they want for the goods and services they provide.
      ...As long as they aren't involved in interstate commerce, and their state says it's okay; and as long as they don't receive any taxpayer funding (to support subsidies, small business loans, intellectual property protections, trade promotions, corporate liability limitations, bailouts, police and military protections, professional licensing considerations favorable to already existing businesses, and other privileges granted by the public).
      We can only have full private property rights, and a real free market (with easy entry into competition and trade) when businesses give up all of these artificial privileges and protections (which are funded, in part, through the extortion of taxpayers' earnings)
      Until companies are willing to give up all of these privileges and protections, we should regard at least 99% of these businesses as our property; that is, public property. Until they give up their mercantilist protections – constitutional though they may be – they should do whatever we tell them to do.
      Since we, the public, fund the Secretary of States' offices that grant these companies their charters, and their corporate status (with the limited liability protections which come with that) in the first place, these businesses should hire and serve whomever we tell them to hire and serve. If they want exemptions, the public has every right to condition the terms of those contracts.
      If the public tells its property – the businesses – to give away the goods they sell, they should comply. At the very least, they should refrain from getting in the way of people who are attempting to obtain, access, or use these goods themselves.
      Consider this
patria potestas (“I brought you into this world, I can take you out”) applied to the relationship between government and enterprise. We the People created the government, so it is our right to alter or abolish it if and when it ceases to serve the purpose for which we created it. Moreover, it is our duty to abolish government that becomes destructive of these ends.
      Likewise, We the People created the government, which in turn created the businesses (through charters). Therefore, it is the right of the people – through their property, the government – to revoke companies' privileges (if and when they abuse those privileges). When companies form business alliances - which impersonate government Departments of Commerce - to steal from taxpayers to subsidize them and bail them out, it is the people's
duty to revoke their charters, or even to abolish the Secretary of States' offices, so that no new corporations (and no new corporate privileges) can be created.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

100 Articles About Arrest and Abusive Treatment of Students

   At least 90% of these articles were published about incidents in the U.S. that occurred between 2009 and 2017. Most victims were under 18 years old. Only a few articles refer to high school seniors aged 18, or incidents in Canada and the United Kingdom.

1. 'I Don't Like to Be Touched': Video shows 10-year-old autistic boy getting arrested at school

2. 'I'm Pregnant!': Teen mother screams in agony as NYPD officers shock her with Taser in the Bronx

3. 'It's Kidnapping': Hospital Takes Custody of Teen Because Her Parents Were 'Too Active in Pursuing'Her Care

4. 'Over 12,000 school kids were arrested in Florida. It makes Florida the nation's leader in that area,' says Dream Defenders

5. 10-year-old suspended over finger gun

6. 10th Circuit Oks School Arrest & Strip Search

7. 16-year-old hit with taser outside Long Island high school

9. 19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested for in America

10. 2-year-old taken away from parents because they used marijuana, killed by foster mother

12. 34 New Jersey high school students arrested during post-prom party

14. 6-Year-Old Suspended For Pointing Fingers In The Shape Of A Gun

17. Boy, 3, died after police handcuff and taser his stepfather to STOP him from running into burning home to save his child

20. Charlton Library Sends Police to Collect Overdue Books from-5 Year-Old

22. Common Core math experts say teachers need to stop using shortcuts and math 'tricks'

23. Dad arrested trying to pick up kids at school

25. Family Crushed After Autistic Teen is Tasered by Burbank Police

27. Family of teenage girl tasered in groin by Pennsylvania cop in 2011 settles for $100,000

28. Florida is officially nuts: 13-year-old arrested for farting

34. Girl's arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

35. Girl, 10, Arrested for Using Knife to Cut Food at School

36. Here's Why a Zero-Tolerance Policy in Our Schools is a Terrible Idea

37. How Kentucky's child-protective agency abandoned an 8-year-old girl in hel

38. How kicking a trash can became criminal for a 6th grader

40. How Zero Tolerance Policies Hurt Kids

41. In Texas schools, response to misbehavior is questioned

44. Judge upholds suspension of the Pop-Tart Gun Kid

45. Kids Create Salt Black Markets in Cafeterias Due to Michelle Obama's Lunch Rules

46. Kids Suffer Panic Attacks After New York School Locks Them In Padded Cell To 'Calm Down'

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